Welcome to WB Pallets, Inc.

A Leader in Wood Pallets for Over 20 Years!
Our mission at WB Pallets is to consistently produce quality products while building a trusting relationship with our customers! Our vision
is to provide the highest level of service and value to our customers, maintain a positive attitude, and always strive to grow through continuous improvement!
Our values
Integrity, Diversity, Honesty, Commitment, Continual Self Improvement, Accountability and Personal Excellence!

We challenge you to give us the opportunity to quote on your pallet program!

We are a full line provider of pallets, providing value through quality and service. Low pricing, high quality and great customer service keeps our customers loyal and happy. Our lumber is top quality and we’re the manufacturer from beginning to end, so we can provide the lowest price directly to you. We also focus on environmental concerns and have a repair and recycle plan to help companies save even more money as well as help reduce waste.

If your company is currently in need of pallets, or would like to see how we can reduce your company’s pallet costs without sacrificing quality, then please email or phone us for a quick quote.

  • Providing Value Through Quality and Service.

  • Serving Michigan For Over 20 Years!

  • CALL or Email Today For A Quick And Easy Evaluation Of Your Pallet Needs.

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    We Look forward to earning your trust!

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